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Sabelt P99

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Explore the P-Series collection, the ultimate choice for sim drivers who are passionate about open-wheel car racing. The P Series offers a comprehensive range of cockpits, seats, and accessories, each meticulously designed for the most immersive and engaging driving experience, reminiscent of being in a Formula 1 car. Dive into the P-Series for a high-fidelity simulation that brings the thrill of open-wheel racing right to your home.

Sabelt P99 is the high-end formula cockpit of Sabelt Sim Racing. In combination with the SRP-1 seat it offers a professional and uncompromising driving experience for all formula sim racing lovers. The rigidity of the rig is guaranteed by the generous sizes of the aluminum profiles it is made of.


  • Aluminum profiles anodized with Zero-X technology.
  • Matt Galaxy Grey color with sandblasting soft touch finishing.
  • Maximum rigidity and no vibrations thanks to the 160x40 (base) and 120x40 (uprights) profiles.
  • 10 mm thick CNC aluminum side plates powder coated with matt red/yellow Sabelt print.
  • 10 mm thick CNC aluminum back plate powder coated with matt black tone on tone Sabelt print.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, end caps, rubber feets, red slot cover, fixing parts and screws.
NOT INCLUDED: wheel mount, pedal mount, seat, seat brackets (add extra's in the configurator).





Sabelt P99




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