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2DoF motion platform that gives the SURGE and YAW motion for even better of feeling vehicle’s traction loss, breaking and accelerating. The motion system based on world’s fastest linear actuator’s technology provides incredible levels of vehicle feedback to the driver. This motion platform is suitable for RallyDriftGT and F1 simulations. The platform is fully compatible with Qubic System 3DOF actuator’s set and QS-CH1 motion cockpit.


The QS-CH2 provides the most precise traction loss feeling by moving the entire cockpit. The motion system is based on the world’s fastest linear actuator’s technology, which delivers an incredible level of instant feedback to the driver. This motion platform is suitable for Rally, Drift and any racing simulations. By providing the oversteering effect, the platform can be used effectively for real and sim racing drivers training making them feel what happens to the front and the rear of the vehicle.

2 DoF

TheQS-CH2adds an additional two axes of freedom to the movement. The high dynamic range of motion in theSURGEaxis combined with the wide range of motion in theYAWaxis enhances the experience and provides an extremely realistic user experience.


QS-CH2 traction loss + surge platform is a single part of the entire rig. The QS-CH2 traction loss motion platform may not seem like a necessity, but racers who try the traction loss and get used to it find it hard to go back.

  • Over braking  is when you brake too hard, and your wheels end up locking. The traction loss platform moves the rig to simulate backward g-force on driver’s body.
  • Over steering is when the back-end of the virtual vehicle ends up slipping because you turned your steering too hard. The traction loss simulator moves the cockpit to the side with respect to the oversteering direction. During over-steering, the back-end of your vehicle is what primarily slips.
  • Over accelerating is when driver press the throttle too hard, too quickly, causing them to spin in their position. The traction loss platform moves the cockpit backwards to simulate g-force forwards on driver’s body.


QS-CH2 allows you to easily expand the capabilities of cockpits by adding SURGE and YAW movements. By introducing technology with the QS-220-PL, you can achieve extraordinary precision and smooth movements. MotionSystems engineers also took care to reduce noise, which often interferes with perfect imersion with the movement platform.



The Qubic Ecosystem encompasses a collection of various products and one software to control all of the devices, even 3rd party accessories. Within this product ecosystem, a range of motion systems are created to work with one another, resulting in a seamless and integrated racing experience.

3DoF linear actutors set is a perfect motion base for QS-CH1 cockpit, and most aluminum profile based cockpits available on the global market (using brackets). QS-210 works also with QS-CH2 motion platform.The concept of the Qubic System product and software ecosystem underscores the idea that the whole system works together synergistically to offer users enhanced value and functionality.

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Qubic Manager software is ready to embrace virtual reality. This means that users can enjoy a complete and authentic simulation experience without integration hassles, thanks to perfect compatibility with VR technology. WithQubic System’s VR Readysoftware, simulations become more immersive than ever. Realistic sound effects, seamless movements, and impeccable synchronization with visual elements create unforgettable journeys in the virtual world. The entire experience becomes smooth and effortless, allowing users to focus on the sensation itself rather than technical intricacies. Qubic System redefines simulations, enabling entry into a new dimension of simulated travels through the built-in VR HeadWay 2.0 functionality.

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Qs-ch2 set key features

  • Key features

    • Based on world’s fastest Qubic System linear actuators
    • Compact and lightweight design
    • Suitable for Rally, Drift, GT and other racing simulations
    • Supported by dedicated software QubicManager: motion adjustment, motion post-processing, extensive diagnostic or easy and fast use of predefined profiles
    • Traction loss
    • Also, available as expansion of QS-CH1 motion cockpit

What's included

  • Included

    The QS-CH2 is transported in a specially adapted transport box.

    Box with QS-CH2 included:

    QS-CH2 Motion Platform

    • QubicManager software download
    • USB and power cables
    • Nuts and Bolts required for assembly
    • Set of wheels for transport
    • Product Manual
    • Notice: Requires separate purchase of QS-MC6 (motion platform controler)

Qs-ch2 technical specs

  • Technical specifications


    Architecture: 2DOFPayload: 250 kg | 551,15 Ib


    Surge: – 50 mm, 50 mmYaw: – 7.2°, 7.2°


    Total length: 1328.95 mm | 52.32 inTotal width: 1072.5 mm | 42.22 inTotal height: 213 mm | 8.39 in