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La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel

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La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel | SimCrafters
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Welcome! They're on the verge of taking your entry-level sim racing to a new height. Drawing inspiration from real-life formula cars, the Asetek Simsports® La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel is their latest innovation. Not only did racers and sim racers craft it with meticulous attention, but they also aimed to replicate the thrill of real-life racing. Furthermore, they integrated feedback from the sim racing community into the design.

Armed with this feedback, they set out on a mission. What was their goal? To create the finest sim racing formula wheel without breaking the bank. Starting from scratch, they worked diligently towards this vision. Now, they're excited to present the La Prima™ Formula steering wheel. Others may tag it as high-end, but they've made it accessible at the entry-level.

But they didn't stop there. They incorporated a metal spider interface into the design to enhance rigidity and ensure a smooth interface for removable handles. Combined, these features result in a sturdy, non-flexing steering wheel. Moreover, you can change and upgrade the handles over time, tailoring the wheel to your liking.

Currently, they offer two sizes. The default size fits average-sized hands perfectly. For larger hands, they have an XL version. In addition, they've crafted the ergonomic handles from comfortable, soft, and durable silicone rubber. This material is easy to clean and disinfect, guaranteeing maximum comfort and control. Whether you wear racing gloves or not, the comfort of the handles remains uncompromised.

Their design also facilitates easy handle changes, allowing quick implementation of future upgrades in color, size, shape, and hardness. Therefore, prepare to redefine your sim racing standards with the La Prima™ Formula steering wheel.

Revolutionize Your Racing Experience with the Asetek Simsports® La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel: Unparalleled Customization and Precision Control at Your Fingertips

With plenty of inputs, the Asetek Simsports® La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel will, through our RaceHub™ give you the option to customize and map all the buttons, switches, encoders, and paddles you need to be on top of your game. Featuring 12 push buttons, two 7-way kinky switches, three rotary encoders, and two thumb encoders, you get optimal control of your desired settings. All buttons, switches and rotaries are of the highest quality standards and fully tested and validated in our automated button testing machines to ensure years and years of reliable daily use.

The La Prima™ wheel features 15 fully customizable aRGB LED rev lights – allowing you to not only customize the look of your steering wheel, but also help you make those split-second gear shifts that can make the difference between success and failure. LEDs can, of course, be adjusted, dimmed, and color customized in RaceHub™.

The backside features two contactless magnetic shifter paddles, for fast and seamless gear shifts.


La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel



Tech specs

  • Tech specs

    • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design 
    • Made in Denmark 
    • 15 aRGB RevLEDs 
    • 12 Push buttons, 2 seven-way Kinky switches, 3 twelve position Rotary encoders, 2 Thumb encoders
    • 2 Contactless Magnetic shifter Paddles
    • Injection molded Carbon fiber reinforced composite chassis with aluminum front face
    • Easy-to-use, no-play quick-release. Ensuring stable data and power transmission without the use of cables, batteries, or wireless signals.
    • Possibility to change to XL handles at a later time
  • Software features

    • Full button, switch, encoder, and paddle custom mapping 
    • Customizable Rev lights 
    • Pitlane control and Pit limiter 
    • Night mode 
    • LED start-up sequence 
    • Auto connection detection
  • Compatibility


    • Assetto Corsa 
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione 
    • DiRT Rally 
    • DiRT Rally 2.0
    • F1 Series 
    • iRacing 
    • Project Cars 2 
    • rFactor 2 
    • And many more (all games that accept direct input devices) 
  • Dimensions

    290mm diameter with default configuration. 294mm diameter with XL handles. 

What is included

  • Box contents

    • Forte® Formula Steering Wheel
    • Button Label Sticker Sheet
    • Anti-static Carbon Fiber Tweezer
    • Grey replacement cushions for handles

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