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Hyperspeed Driving Socks

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Hyperspeed Driving Socks | SimCrafters
Regular price €37,50
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Sparco Hyperspeed gaming socks are ideal for sim racers who don't like wearing shoes and find gaming more comfortable with socks. These are not just any socks, the Hyperspeed socks have a reinforced Cordura heel that gives you the very best pedal feel.


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Especially for simracers
  • Nylon microfibre sock with silver ions, hypoallergenic
  • Maximum comfort and breathability
  • Structure with silicone yarn to maximise grip between foot and sock or insole and sock
  • Comfortable design with cushioned insole
  • Sensitive design, without insole, for maximum feeling
  • Heel reinforced with Cordura®
  • Back heel loop for easy donning
  • Asymmetrical Plastisol coating for maximum performance

Hyperspeed Driving Socks | SimCrafters

Why wearing socks

When you wear normal socks during sim racing, you know that it can become uncomfortable due to the lack of material between your feet and the pedals. The Hyperspeed socks solve this problem and improve your sim racing experience.


Hyperspeed Driving Socks