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Hypergrip gaming gloves

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Color: Red/black
Size: 8 -X-small
Hypergrip gaming gloves | SimCrafters
Regular price €48,40
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The Hypergrip glove revolutionises the concept of glove specifically targeting Sim Racers and Gamers.

The gaming glove has been designed for use with steering wheels with different types of materials present on the market as well as for PC controllers and consoles.

The micro-perforated microfibre on the palm ensures maximum ventilation without compromising the grip provided by the rubber coatings.

The perforated and elasticated materials on the Hypergrip glove guarantee perfect fit and the right comfort for long gaming sessions, limiting perspiration with the perception of wearing a second skin.

The gaming gloves have "touch-sensitive" thumb and index finger fingertips, which are in turn reversible to allow their removal in "controller" configuration; in this position, with the fingers uncovered, it will be much more effective to exert pressure on the joystick keys for a rapid and accurate feeling.

The protective foam pads on the palm reduce the stress exerted on the hand by these devices.


Hypergrip gaming gloves | SimCrafters

Why is the use of the right gloves so important?

Discover the comfort of perfect grip with there specially designed racing sim gloves. Ever noticed your fingers feeling numb after a race? That's usually due to nerve compression caused by incorrect handlebar grip. Excessive pressure on your palms can also lead to discomfort in your hands and arms. Sparco's gloves are here to change that.

Designed with optimal padding inside the palm area, they offer protection for your hand's sensitive areas, reducing nerve strain and providing superior comfort. Plus, they minimize the risk of blisters, keeping your hands smooth and ready for the next adventure. It's time to rethink your sim racing gear - invest in gloves that prioritize your comfort and safety.


Hypergrip gaming gloves




  • Sizing

    Available in XS-XL

  • Technology


    • “Controller” mode convertible finger tips
    • Perforated Micro-Fiber Palm for ultimate grip
    • Stretch Material on backside for perfect fit
    • Sizes: XS-XL