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Hyperdrive Gaming shoes

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Color: Red
Size: 38
Hyperdrive Gaming shoes | SimCrafters
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Sparco Hyperdrive Simrace shoe is the ideal simracing shoe. The shoe is made of very light and ultra breathable material, which will come in handy during a long race session. The ankle is shaped so that movements are easier than before. Furthermore, the toes and the heel are reinforced with microfibre. The sole of the shoe is race-derived and the upper consists of a sock-like knitted fabric with differentiated structures which comfortably envelops your foot.


Some highlights

- Shape ankle to facilitate movement
- Reflective tape on back
- Microfibre reinforments on toe and heel
- ergonomic fussbett
- racing-inspired sole
- Knitted sock upper with differentiated structures and ultra breathable
- fluorescent logo and skid.


Hyperdrive Gaming shoes