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The Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160

Introducing the Next Level Racing® F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition, they present the pinnacle of simulation cockpits crafted for elite racers. Indeed, this model shines, dedicating itself to supreme quality and unmatched rigidity. For those who demand excellence in their racing gear, this cockpit is a dream come true. Moreover, the F-GT Elite 160 is born from extensive research and valuable user feedback. Consequently, it stands out by offering a sturdy, flex-free cockpit experience made from high-quality aluminum extrusions.

The F-GT Elite 160 boasts premium materials, including anodized high-grade aluminum. It also features powder-coated carbon steel parts. Furthermore, it's adorned with custom Next Level Racing® end caps and T-slot nuts, all highlighting its exceptional quality. Additionally, racers will find the cockpit's wide range of adjustability and customization options impressive. It fits seamlessly into the Next Level Racing® Motion Ecosystem, enhancing its appeal.

Moreover, the integration of top-quality materials, comprehensive adjustability, and broad compatibility ensures the F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition provides a premium, immersive racing experience like no other. To elaborate, the cockpit is designed to work perfectly with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 and Motion Plus Platform. Therefore, those eager to incorporate the Traction Plus Platform will need the Next Level Racing® Elite Motion Adaptor Upgrade Kit.

This product redefines the standards for racing simulation setups. With its focus on quality, adaptability, and user experience, the F-GT Elite 160 sets a new benchmark. In essence, for racers aiming for the top, this cockpit embodies the ultimate racing simulation solution. Every detail reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring racers get the best out of their simulation experience.


Without a doubt, settling for less is not an option when it comes to high-end simulation cockpits. The F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition exemplifies this principle, catering to the needs of elite users. It stands out as the premier choice for those who accept only the highest standards. Furthermore, this edition is distinguished by its unmatched stability, cutting-edge design, exceptional quality, and broad scope for personalization. It embodies the ultimate solution for achieving ergonomic positions in Formula, GT, hybrid, truck, and tank driving simulations. As a result, the F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition enables users to enjoy the pinnacle of sim racing experiences.


Moreover, the Next Level Racing® Seat Sliding System introduces an innovative solution to eliminate the common issue of flex found in traditional seat sliders. This system employs custom Next Level Racing® ratchets, enabling effortless adjustment of the seat's position back and forth, ensuring a stable, flex-free racing experience.

Constructed from 5mm carbon steel, the Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets offer the necessary sturdiness. The brackets' new design affords unprecedented adjustability, catering to a wide array of seating positions with 98 adjustment possibilities. Consequently, the Next Level Racing® ES1, ERS1, and ERS2 Seats are recommended for use within the Elite cockpit range, having been specifically crafted to meet the needs of the most discerning users.


Within the realm of aluminum extrusion cockpits, the F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition sets itself apart by not compromising on quality and durability. This standout product boasts a flex-free aluminum extrusion and a custom Next Level Racing® profile of 160mm x 40mm, offering unparalleled strength at the cockpit's foundation. The F-GT Elite 160 empowers users with the assurance of engaging in multi-position driving for Formula, Hybrid, and GT setups, all while maintaining impeccable design and structural integrity.


The custom-designed sliding pedal plates and wheel plates are crafted for effortless and swift modifications of pedal spacing. Furthermore, this configuration includes two slotted 5mm carbon steel pedal plates with double precision folds, ensuring top-notch stability and easy compatibility. The pedal tray and wheel plate section, enhanced with laser-etched indicators on the aluminum profile, facilitate accurate adjustments. Together with bespoke Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts, these elements provide extensive options for adjusting the angle, height, and distance, enabling users to find the ideal racing stance.


The F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition not only comes pre-drilled to accommodate major steering wheel and pedal brands but also boasts unique laser-engraved guides and pre-crafted slots to enhance the driving experience. Bearing this in mind, the etched guides aid users in establishing the optimal ergonomic setup across a variety of driving styles, including Formula, Hybrid, GT, Truck, and Tank.

This edition stands as the premier solution for integrating bottom-mounted wheelbases, pedal sets, shifters, handbrakes, bass shakers, and more, thanks to its broad compatibility. The F-GT Elite 160 Front & Side Mount Edition elevates gaming rigs by offering compatibility with Next Level Racing® Motion products.

For clarity, the F-GT Elite 160 is compatible with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 and the Motion Plus Platform. It also provides the flexibility to connect two Motion Plus Platforms. Moreover, for those wishing to add the Traction Plus Platform to their setup, the acquisition of the Next Level Racing® Elite Motion Adaptor Upgrade Kit is necessary.


Furthermore, the F-GT Elite 160 cockpit distinguishes itself through a comprehensive selection of specially crafted components, affirming its position as the highest quality and most efficient option on the market. Moving beyond the norm of utilizing standard industrial components, our approach to aluminum profile cockpits sets a new standard. Hence, the traditional need for square industrial brackets is eliminated, thanks to our extrusion pieces being pre-machined for connections that are not only faster and easier but also significantly more secure.

The meticulous attention to detail is apparent across the entire cockpit, with standout features such as the black electroplated premium spring ball T-slot nuts, bespoke Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts, and end caps, all playing a pivotal role in enhancing the cockpit's superior quality. In summary, the fusion of a premium finish, tailor-made components, and innovative design results in a visually impressive and highly functional masterpiece.


Through deliberate design of bespoke components and the use of sophisticated manufacturing methods for creating precision-machined openings in the aluminum profile, we simplify the assembly process and guarantee a firmer joint when bolting the profiles together. This enhanced approach effectively removes the difficulties associated with aligning tricky corner brackets, relegating them to history. The fusion of straightforward assembly and the inclusion of laser-etched line markings on the profile accelerates your setup for racing. Additionally, each item is meticulously encased in our tailored foam packaging, ensuring the product's protection during transit. This delivers an uninterrupted and smooth experience from the moment the package is opened.





  • Features

    • Support for Formula, GT, Hybrid, Truck, and Tank driving positions.
    • Features 6mm pedal adjustment fins with Next Level Racing® Shoulder Bolts to allow for a quick transition between driving positions.
    • 5mm Wheel Deck compatible with a wide range of wheels on the market.
    • Features a 5mm thick Split Pedal Plate design allowing compatibility with a wide range of pedals on the market.
    • Features a safety footstep for ease of access.
    • Pre-machined holes for ease of assembly and extra rigidity.
    • 5mm Seat brackets with shoulder bolt slot design to allow for quick angle adjustment.
    • Premium packaging including double boxing and moulded foam.
    • Shifter and handbrake plate compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes on the market.
    • Compatible with Next Level Racing® Motion V3 and Motion Plus platforms*.
    • Flex free seat sliding system to eliminate flex issues found in conventional seat sliders.
    • Next Level Racing® Height Adjustable shock absorbing feet to prevent cockpit misalignment caused by uneven floors.
    • Reinforced shifter plate compatible with a wide range of shifters and handbrakes on the market.
    • Direct shifter setup for Next Level Racing® Motion V3 Platform allowing the shifter to move with the seat for extra immersion.
    • Alignment markings to help with alignment.
    • Features a Next Level Racing® Toolkit for ease of assembly.
    • Hardware for mounting peripherals included.
    • Custom 40/160 Aluminium Extrusion for rigidity.
    • Included Next Level Racing® custom end caps for a more streamlined T-nut installation process.
    • Wide Full Width T-Slot nuts which prevents in-channel twisting thus increasing rigidity and sturdiness.
    • Compatible with Next Level Racing® Traction Platform (requires Motion Kit).
  • What's in the box

    • Premium Black Anodised Finish Aluminium Extrusion
    • Side & Front Mount Brackets
    • Motion Platform V3 Mounting Brackets
    • Next Level Racing® Height Adjustable shock absorbing feet
    • Next Level Racing® Custom Cable clips
    • Next Level Racing® Seat Brackets
    • Shifter and Handbrake Plate
    • Next Level Racing® Safety Footstep
    • Next Level Racing® Toolkit and Spirit Level
    • Extra hardware for peripherals and Assembly Instructions
    • ButtKicker® Mounting Pole
    • Digital assembly instructions and assembly videos available here:
  • Specifications

    • Material | 40/40, 40/80, 40/120, 40/160 Aluminium Extrusion
    • Finish | High Quality Powder Coat / Anodised Aluminium / Laser Engraved Logos and Alignment Lines
    • Boxed Dimensions: 127cm (L) x 41.5cm (W) x 42.5cm (H) / 50 inches(L) x 16.3 inches(W) x 16.7inches(H)
    • Product Dimensions: 136cm (L) x 84.2cm (W) x 94.2cm (H) / 53.5inches(L) x 33inches(W) x 37.1inches(H)
    • Boxed Weight: GW: 66.6kg / 146.8 lbs
    • Product Weight: NW: 60.1 kg/ 132.5 lbs

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